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I’m hoping you’ll let me help you develop a knock-their-socks-off interview skill. Hiring managers really want to fill their position, and your resume got you to the interview. But without interview skills that work in the world today, your job search is longer than it needs to be.

I still remember how startled I was to realize that just talking about myself and my experience wasn’t good enough to get me the job. It was scary because I didn’t know what was going wrong and why I wasn’t dazzling them.

Now I interview job seekers every day, and listen to how hiring managers feel after interviewing candidates for their positions.

And every day I see people who are going to have a longer job search than their experience would imply, simply because their interview skills are sub-par.

Let me share this information right from the recruiting/hiring trenches about what works today.

Your next interview could be your last interview with these skills and techniques.

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